Core/Elective Course

Programming 2b: Creative Programming (HCO1272B)

Get ready to take your programming abilities to the next level in Programming 2b! You’ll start by developing a simple web page using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and then you’ll practice your Python skills, making your own photo editor and sound player! Using API, you’ll practice adding a weather widget to a website and you’ll ensure page safety using encryption techniques through Python. You’ll test, you’ll inspect, you’ll collaborate, and for your finale, you’ll craft a graphical user interface for an app using Python’s Tinker! Let’s get ready to program!

Required materials not provided: Word Processing & Presentation Software, Camera,, AppInventor, Canva and Visual Crossing

Course Syllabus

This computer generated PDF syllabus provides an exact outline of all topics and assignments presented to the student.

North Dakota State Course Codes (MIS03)

This is a single semester (0.5 credit) course. The MIS03 code for this course is: 23015

Career Technical Education (CTE) Course

This course meets standards for the Career and Technical Education graduation requirement. Click here for details.

Course Duration and Extension

This course is designed to be completed in a 20 week semester. Students may extend the time for completion to 40 weeks by re-purchasing the course as a Course Extension before the end of the 20 week enrollment.

Computer Requirements for Online Courses

This is an online course. Click here to view minimum computer requirements. Phones, tablets, and other computing devices, while they may work for some NDCDE services, are not supported for submitting assignments, posting discussions, or taking assessments.

MIS03 Code: 23015
Mode of Instruction: Asynchronous
Course Maximum Completion Length: 140 Days (20 Weeks, 0 Days)
Course Syllabus: LMS Generated PDF File

North Dakota Price: $259.00
Out-of-State Price: $349.00